Sister Namibia – Feminist Magazine & Media House

This post is part of our reports from a pre-study that Listeners Without Borders conducted with ABF Malmö funded by the Olof Palme International Center.

Sister Namibia is a feminist magazine that has started to involve themselves in practical feminist work, on top of publishing their magazine and lobbying for women’s rights. In a meeting with Director Vida de Voss, their media Director and some of their volunteers, we covered a lot of topics relevant to our project.


Sister Namibia presents a summary of gbv in Kunene in an upcoming issue.

Sister Namibia is expanding into becoming a feminist media house, not just a magazine. One reason for this is that other media channels to reach more people. YouTube will be the first channel they add.

Radio shows can also be important. Especially in poor and rural areas, radio soapies are much listened to.

Sister Namibia do workshops for youth and others, both sexes.  Conflict management. “How to raise your voices”. We might be able to cooperate around workshop our seminar.


Sister Namibia has volunteered to open up their network for our project and to help spread the word about our project. If the movie clips we produce have good enough quality, they are willing to broadcast them in their channels. If they get enough resources, they could also be interested in producing material from our work.