Kabul, Afghanistan


Gender Listening Action Groups

A pilot project

Together with the Shuhada Organization , we run a pilot project in Kabul, where we strengthen Shuhada’s ability to promote women’s grassroots rights in Afghanistan. Together, we will train local leaders among associates, activists, students and teachers at Gawharshad University (run by Shuhada). Lack of awareness of women’s rights in Afghanistan causes suffering, humiliation and marginalization of millions of women, and violates the human rights of half the population.


The pilot project focuses on promoting women’s rights through our peer-to-peer concept, which local leaders can learn to use by leading Gender Listening Action Groups. In these groups, grassroots women and men will identify violations of women’s rights around them, address them with structural change authorities and authorities and with individuals as family members, thus promoting personal development for the women in the group and the network around the group.

Future plans

After the pilot, we want a business where 14-20 leaders are recruited every year, and gain knowledge about women’s rights and training in listening, supporting and leading for change.

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