Malmö, Sweden


Workshops and Training

To process one’s own and others’ prejudices – education

We hosted a workshop on practical ways to reduce one’s own and others’ prejudices. We all have prejudices about different groups. Even if we do not act on them, these prejudices limit our lives. In this training, we taught methods to become aware of your own prejudices and process them so that they cease to affect you.

Collegial tutoring in school

Collegial support and feedback are central to making a workplace well-functioning and attractive. Teachers and educators who work well, and who can look at the students with fresh eyes, are a central factor for the educational activities to be of high

Collegial supervision contributes to using the accumulated knowledge and experience in the staff group for the individual and the group’s development. Collegial supervision simplifies collaboration, contributes to new knowledge and spreads existing competence within the group.

This education provides an introduction to collegial supervision in school as a method for the development of pedagogy and work teams, as well as for successful stress management. The participants bring with them simple methods and perspectives that can be immediately put into practice.

Treatment & accessibility for everyone

A training for entrepreneurs to make their businesses accessible by customers and participants with the diversity of backgrounds and identities that Sweden’s residents have. Employees and representatives are required to have a high level of competence regarding hospitality and diversity and a good ability to translate this competence into practical treatment.

There is rarely anyone who opposes accessibility as an ideal. The discrimination and exclusion that takes place today almost always takes place unknowingly. Discrimination is most often perpetrated by people who are convinced that they are not discriminating or excluding. Most people have the self-image that we do not discriminate against others.

A seminar to meet people who have moved

“Afghans in Sweden” is a seminar where adults and young Afghans share things that housing staff, social workers, good men, support families and volunteers can do. They get to know more about Afghan culture and common misunderstandings in Sweden

The lecturers are Afghans and Swedes with their own experiences of flight, establishment in Sweden or gender equality work in Afghanistan and have thought and worked to understand cultural clashes.

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