Namibia. The work continues

Our project for women’s and children’s rights in rural Namibia, in Kamanjab in the Kunene region, continues. During discussions in our study circles, it has been concluded that support is important for securing women’s and children’s rights. Therefore, Pots of Hope has started a gardening project with cultivation and sales to local stores.

We have both discussion groups for adults and for children. And for leaders, of course. A police officer and a female representative from the Ministry of Gender came to visit one day, and the meeting felt important and productive.


Evaluation and planning for the coming years is complete. It has been a bit difficult to involve young people in the project, so Pots of Hope is investigating the possibility of also starting with computer training. Study circles should be slightly shorter than before. Searching for new volunteers among the local population gives results, but we have to work a little harder because more men and women engage in dialogue with each other.