Why today's teams are in a critical need for Peer Coaching

As a NGO, we are working with teams in organizations and communities — helping them by developing a coaching environment in which attentive listening and deeper self-reflection can transpire and be sustained.

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    Are you struggling with?

    The Great Resignation

    Low Office Engagement

    Decreasing Work Efficiency

    Rising Stress & Anxiety Levels

    Know that these are just symptoms

    of a deeper-rooted disease affecting teams more than ever before.

    Our mission is to radically decrease stress & anxiety levels in the place where people spend 1/3 of their adult lives: the workplace.

    Active Listening Skills

    Teaching active listening skills and relational presence, meaningful feedback and exercising assertiveness.

    Democratizing Coaching

    Everyone needs support once in a while. Therefore, everyone should have the right to access coaching.

    Self Reflection

    Encouraging self-reflection, thoughtful communication, and an individual exploration of personal patterns of productivity. Creative solutions to work-place issues.

    Lower Staff Turnover

    All of us need to be heard, and coaching is about truly listening. Peer Coaching tells your employees that they matter and brings relational value to your company.

    35% Lower Staff Turnover in organizations who use Peer-Coaching

    • Employee Emotional Support

    • Active Listening at Work

    • Lower Office Anxiety & Stress

    • Clarity of Thought

    • Deep Self-reflective state

    • Better Decision-making

    = Peer Coaching

    Free Access for NGOs & Individuals.

    We believe people should have the indiscriminate right to use our Peer Coaching programme, regardless of their financial possibilities.

    Increase in workplace fulfillment for employees using Peer Coaching


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      ''Every penny, paid by a company to use Peer Coaching, will bring us further in our goal of providing free Peer Coaching to people who couldn't otherwise afford it.''
      Fredrik Eklöf Founder, Listeners without Borders