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Everyone Needs to Talk

After 40 years of saying “It’s going well” when people ask about her diabetes, Ann-Charlotte realized that she is actually really sad that she got the disease – and that she has much more weighing on her chest than she is able to offload with her diabetes nurse.

Ann-Charlotte Rehn

Despite Dan’s knowledge and efforts, his blood sugar goes up and down. Often he doesn’t know why. He forgets that he can talk to his family and friends about his diabetes, although it’s on his mind all the time.
But whenever he meets someone with diabetes, that is all they talk about.

Dan Gunnarsson

Mindful Listening Supports Behavioral Change

When someone truly listens to us, we become

more relaxed
more self-aware of our strengths and weaknesses
more willing to reflect in a non-defensive manner.

Being listened to make people more likely

to cooperate, and to change.

Source: Harvard Business Review

But There’s Seldom Anyone Really Listening

When you start talking about an issue you have, the person you are talking to will soon start thinking about a similar issue that they have. When they catch their breath, he will say: “Ah, that’s exactly how it is for me as well.” and start telling his story.

Most everyday conversations happen in this style.

Anyone Can Learn to Coach

– Or At Least Improve Their Listening Skills

We provide the world’s quickest coach training.

  • 4 minutes to get you started.
  • A lifetime to master.

Support For Your Changes

We don’t give medical advice. You get that from your caregiver. But you get human support to follow your doctor’s advice regarding and to make the changes you want and need.

And you get that support from other people with diabetes – who share the same challenges around:

You Are Not Alone

We create meaningful and safe conversations building on science & 70 years of peer coaching experience globally.

We have specific groups for diabetes type 1, type 2 and pre-diabetes.

The Emotional Fitness Peer Coaching

Learn how to listen and coach
It takes 5 min to learn and a lifetime to master. On-demand videos.

Join Group Peer Coaching sessions
Reflect with others on your own diabetes self-management, under the guidance of an experienced facilitator.

Do 1:1 Sessions
Whenever and how often you want, with individuals you feel extra safe with.

For everyone. By everyone.

Hear what our diabetes members have to say about getting together on our platform.

I have often thought that a person needs to have insight into or be medically knowledgeable about diabetes in order to talk to me as a diabetic, but with this peer to peer coaching, I have realized that what I often need is just someone listening.
Ann-Charlotte Rehn Diabetes Type 1
Portrait photo of Ann-Charlotte Rehn, a smiling woman.
My first great insight from peer coaching is that I am not alone. There are more people with diabetes with the same behaviors and challenges as I have. That feels very good.
Mikael Norberg Diabetes Type 1
The insight is how important this is and, actually, how much better it feels to talk in a setting like this than it might feel to talk with people close to me.
Richard Laurits Diabetes Type 1
Photo of Richard Laurits