Student Listening Groups is an initiative by Listeners without Borders in collaboration with Malmö University. It started in the autumn of 2017, ever since then, student volunteers with Listeners Without Borders has lead these groups.

Now, you can join our student listening groups from anywhere in the world, if you are a student who wants to:

  • reflect on your situation as a student,
  • ventilate frustrations as a student,
  • get a chance to think deeply on daily struggles, your own issues or your goals,
  • meet other students.

You can join group peer coaching facilitated by one of our experienced instructors. And you will get access to online training for essential listening and coaching skills.

You get a brief introduction to our peer-coaching method, and a proposed topic to talk about (you are always free to talk about something else, if you want to), and then we take turns listening/coaching each other. Each person gets the chance to both talk and listen.

Since this group is open for students and international students, the main language we speak will be English.

Contact information: